Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gingerbread Graphic

I designed and made this gingerbread graphic a couple of years back. Today, I thought I would try to duplicate it and improve it but I have completely forgotten how I made it. I like to play with my Digital Image  graphic program sometimes but I am not a graphic artist and I think I'm just not in the mood to tackle it today.
Anyway, I'm posting it here and offering it for download if anyone is interested in using it in some manner for a Christmas decoration or wrapper. It could be used for a tag, a cookie wrapper, a jiffy popcorn cover, a lid sticker or many other things. You just need to resize it to whatever the correct size you would need for your project. If you decide to use it, feel free to let me know how you used it! It is 7x7 inches and 100 dpi.

Click the image to enlarge, then right click to save a copy to your computer.



Daisy Soap Girl said...

I think this is a beautiful graphic. Did you design it yourself? It's giving me a reason to make some ginger cookies as a Christmas gift to the ladies in my soapmaking group. Very crafty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It's really cute.

Janet, said...

That is so cute. Made smaller it would make a cute button. I have a badge a matic I got at a thrift store last year. Thank you for sharing.
I mentioned it on my blog, but I wish to thank you again for the award you gave my site.

Sue said...

Oh he's soooooo cute!
Thanks for sharing.

FrancesM said...

Very cute! You should be proud that you were able to put it together. Can't wait to see your updated version!

I can see using this as a tag on my son's nursery school goodie bags for the Christmas party! I would probably add the kids names underneath the smile :)

Vj said...

it's really cute :)

Anonymous said...

Sue, You are coming up with more and more cute crafts! I'm going to have to take the time to read your entire blog and see what I am missing. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your next post. Debbie WV

Palma said...

ciao Sue, purtroppo non conosco l'inglese, ma ogni tanto verrĂ² a trovarti per vedere i tuoi lavori.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about the mix up with my comment! I was really talking about your blog and somehow thought it was Crafty Sue's. I honestly don't know how it happened but I am glad! I made a new blog friend and I'll be adding you to my blogroll also!
Debbie - WV

Kathy said...

We are going to be having a Holiday Open House at the store. I think I will print some of these out, put them in a frame and place them by the cookies we will be offering to our visitors. I think it will look adorable. Thank You!