Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New 2010 Calendar

I made these calendars as I have been doing every year(since I started doing computer crafting). These are the small size that works very well printed on a magnet sheet. Or use your imagination and use them in other ways you like.
I have uploaded some blank templates to share and also I've completed one of each size to share with anyone who would like one already finished.
One is 4x6 inch size, the other one is 5x5 inch size.

Below is a sample of the finished calendars.

You can download these with the cute birdie graphic already added HERE.

Graphics by Trina Clark

And HERE is a link to download the blank templates to add your own background and/or graphics.
They are png format and have a transparent background. If you want to personalize the 2010 date, you may cut it out and replace it with your font or word art.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Bracelet

I made this cute bracelet and decided I would show it off. It was real easy to make and didn't take long at all.
First I rounded up the beads and crystals I wanted to use and a kit that included the wire and the clasp ends. One clasp end was already hooked to the wire so all I had to do was to slip the beads and crystals on the wire in the order I wanted them and fasten off the other end. It is so cute and dainty.

Click on photos to enlarge.