Monday, July 23, 2012

Primitive Quilt Top

Recently I remembered a quilt top that I made about eight years ago with the help of my grand daughter, who was ten years old at that time.  She was spending some time with me and whenever she was here for a day or so or a few days, she and I would always find some type of craft to do as she always enjoyed doing crafty things. For this project, I would print out a primitive pattern and she would look at it and draw it on the squares for me with a quilt marking pencil.  On one of the squares she traced around her hand and wrote her name and birth date.  That made it more personal to me. I stitched around all the drawings that she made on each square.  It really has a primitive look which was the look I was wanting.  I sewed the squares together to make a quilt top but never completed the quilt.  It has been packed away in a storage box for 10 years as she is eighteen years old now. I'm thinking seriously I need to completed this project!!!   Here are some camera shots of the quilt top.  My camera ran out of battery so I didn't get a close up of all the squares, but you get the idea.