Monday, April 15, 2013

Old Shirt Made Into A Pillow

I haven't been around in awhile so I thought I would stop by and show my latest project.  These days, a quick little craft is rare for me but I still love it when I get the motivation to do something creative!

I had been going through my closet and decided to fill a bag for a donation to the Good Will when I came across an old favorite shirt of mine that I wore in the days when I was "smaller". It was a great little shirt to wear with a pair of jeans. Now, I really have no need for this shirt but, I have never been willing to part with it in the years past.  While trying to decide, I remember a pillow I saw somewhere on a craft page, but at this moment I can't remember where.  I decided this would be a good way to put my old favorite to good use and have it stay around.

It was very easy to make.  I simply laid it out flat with buttons buttoned.  Cut out a square from the front and back up as far as was possible which was for me, just above the arm pit.  I turned the 2 squares facing inside, and sewed around all 4 sides.  Then I unbuttoned the front and turned it right side out. I stuffed a little pillow inside and buttoned it up.  The pockets could be used to temporarily hold an item if necessary.  

I also made the little pillow that I stuffed inside from a  cheap bed pillow I had bought a few months back that just didn't work to sleep on.  Hardly anything goes wasted in my home!!!  I took some quick little shots, although I am not the best photographer.  I just point and shoot!

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Sue said...

Hi Joy, it's nice to see you are around blogland once again. I do miss your creations.
I, myself, am crafting very little these days, having to look tend to an elderly father-in-law and a family. I think your cushion is really nice. A great way to recycle old favorite shirts that we don't want to part with, great idea.
Hope to see you posting again very soon.
Take care,