Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Completed Booklet

It took me awhile to get started but once I started, I did a lot of printing and cutting. Instead of one copy I made four of each item and finally got all that cutting done and made 4 little booklets. One will be for me to keep and 3 for gifts. Here are some snapshots. I wonder if anyone else has made one of the booklets. I will have to say they turned out nice!

Here is a sample of a few pages.


Sue said...

Joy... it looks great!
I haven't printed them out yet but I have them all saved up.

Jadina said...

Wow! You must be very dedicated! Nice Post!

Please check out my blog and FOLLOW! I would be happy to return the favor!

hdmi cable said...

Wow! It looks so nice and very fun.