Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ghost Treat Bag

This bag is made from one piece of black felt, a ghostly shape cut from white felt, and a face made from the same directions as the little ghost pin that I posted earlier. You can see the directions here. I cut the handle from the length of the felt, one half inch wide. I glued the white ghost shape along with the face to the top portion of the bag which is to be the front. Fold that piece of felt and trim the corners to make it into a "U" shape as I did this one or leave it with square corners. You can make the bag as large or small as you want it. I zig zaged a stitch around the edge and at the same time, sewed the handle on. This one will hold several little treats to give. Any child will love it and it is another quick and easy craft.


Anonymous said...

So cute. Love your little ghosty!
Children would really like it too.
Thanks for sharing how you made it. Got to have one.

Vj said...

You give me an inspirations of how to make handmade stuff ..very nice :)
Hey, I got a tagged for you :)
Hope you don't mind it I includes you :) Cheers!

Donna Lee said...

Joy was just thinking if made smaller these would look nice for teens as a cell phone holder