Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wire Ribbon Crafts - Angels

These angels were basically made with a 2 to 3 inch wide wire ribbon. Cut the length, pull the wire on one edge to gather, attach a bead or small satin ball for the head, add another ribbon folded and crimped together in the center for the wings, add embellishments and that's it! (use hot glue to to hold all the parts together)

A ribbon example:

These are very easy and fun to do. You can add a pin or magnet to the back and attach to anything such as a curtain, refrigerator, or even wear it as a pin to have a cute little guardian angel. They can also be used for ornaments and gift packaging embellishments.

A tassel angel using a tassel for the body instead of the ribbon:


Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing! I plan on making some of your little angels. :o)

Lori Jean :o)

Ginger said...

Wonderful angels,I just can't get to many of them.I love them all and gingerbreads.
hugs ginger

Terri said...

What beautiful little angels! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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