Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tissue Jar

I made this tissue jar by recycling an empty glass mayonnaise jar.
To make a tissue jar like this one, first, wash the jar thoroughly and dry completely. Dab a thin layer of flat water based paint on it and keep doing this until you have the coverage you want. Paint to the bottom of the rim threads and paint the rim separately or leave the rim on and paint it as you paint the jar. Let dry completely, then apply your graphic with a light film of glue. (you can also print them on sticker paper that has the self adhesive already on the back) Then either brush or sponge on Mod Podge. I used the gloss and completely covered the jar with the Mod Podge to give it a nice shine. I cut a round piece of felt the size of the jar bottom and glued it on the bottom. Embellish with a ribbon, raffia or whatever you like. The jar will not hold but a dozen or so tissues, maybe a few more. To load them pull up the top tissue diagonally to one corner and roll the tissues leaving the top corner sticking out. Insert in the jar and they are ready to use.

Prim graphics © by Cheryl Seslar
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BJ said...

Pat catans used to have jars this color and then they quit geting them. I was selling them with rub-ons. Thank you so much for this.