Thursday, November 20, 2008

Easy Christmas Coasters

Coasters cannot be much easier than this to make. I used some Christmas plaid print and felt.
The plaid actually has a little gold thread running through but it shows in the photo as a tan color.

To make these, decide what size you want to make them and use something round, such as another coaster to draw your circle pattern on card stock. Cut it out and you have your pattern. I used a thin line felt marker and cut the circle just inside the marker line with pinking shears.

For each coaster, cut one circle from the Christmas fabric and one circle from felt. Use co-ordinating or matching thread and hand stitch them together. I added a small button but you could leave them plain or add any other little festive decoration you like. Just add it where your stitch ends and close enough to the edge so it will not interfere with sitting your cup or glass on the coaster. Click on photos to enlarge.

Front and Back:

Set of 6 coasters:


Janet, said...

These are so pretty and easy. I really like them. I can't believe we posted about coasters at the same time. I guess good minds think alike.

Andrea said...

Those are so sweet!

Midwest Mom said...

What a neat look. I like the pinking at the edges.

When I have made coasters in the past, I have included an insert in the center made from a round of plastic grocery bag -- just to keep water from getting through to the furniture.

Great, simple idea!

Amber said...

Very neat!! This will be a good use for my Crhistmas scraps!! I love the buttons!!

Sue said...

They look very easy to make.
I like the idea of using buttons to decorate them, very nice!

Kathy said...

Love these coasters. You come up with such great ideas.

Ginger said...

Awesome and easy! You come up with the sweetest craft and wonderful printable thank you so very much !
Have a great thanksgiving.
Hugs ginger

Anonymous said...

So sweet! What a nice idea to make for gifts for the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family :)


HDMac said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Christie said...

I love that word 'easy.' Now this is a craft that I can get into! ;)

Daisy Soap Girl said...

What a great idea for the holidays. I think I'll make, keep a few and give some away. Thanks.

shweetpotato said...

Soo cute, would be cute given with the hot cocoa mugs and the chocolate covered spoons :D Carm

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this WONDERFUL idea!! :D Hope you have the BEST Holidays!