Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pac-Man Cookies!

These are the cutest sugar cookies!
I ran across the Snack or Die website while stumbling through the internet this morning and these cookies absolutely caught my eye. These would be so nice to make for the gamers in your family or for any pacman fan.
Jocelyn Anderson also has other gaming cookies there including the cheddar Pac-Man crackers.
With her permission, I'm posting this picture and a link to the website. I know you will want to go visit her and see these and her other yummy looking snacks!

Click here Snack or Die photo©Jocelyn Anderson


Unknown said...

Thanks for the link and the very kind words! :D

Sassy Sue's Place said...

Thanks for sharing these cute cookies and the link to them. Would be cute for Halloween too with the orange frosting.

Sue said...

I like your blog, great posts.
Thanks for visiting my little blog.
You have mail from me.

HDMac said...

These really are cute! My kids used to play pac man (and mom, here, mastered the first 3 screens!)

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I, like you, have never met a potato I didn't like either! However my hubby prefers RICE over potatoes! What's wrong with him, huh? LOL

Please come and visit often and I will come see you too!


Anonymous said...

These are sooo cute.
I just wish my kids knew what pacman is/was!

I tried explaining it to them, but Wren just looked at me as though she thought I'd been drinking seawater or something. ;)

Anonymous said...

love these, they look yummy. you have some lovely stuff on you blog and thankyou for visiting my blog.


Mama Bee Simple said...

waw!!!!! Never thought of that :)

again, amazing!

Monika, ♥

Anonymous said...

Jane, another commenter has made me feel SO old, for knowing who PacMan is...thanks Jane. (smile)

Love these cookies!
Who's eating who???

Thanks for sharing.

Cancha-diction said...