Monday, August 11, 2008

Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly

I have flowers planted on the east side of my house and by the garage. I once knew the name of the flowers but today I can't remember what they are. They are perennials and have multiplied so there is enough nectar for the butterflies, the hummingbirds and the bees. I see the honey bees and bumble bee's visiting often, but this weekend the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies were gathering all over them. That was a beautiful site, especially because last year the area had so much dry weather, the butterflies did not appear.
Does your state/province/country have an official insect? If you live in the USA you can check HERE for the list of states that have an official state insect. Forty-one of the states do have at least one official state insect listed. My state, Georgia has 2 state insects listed. The Honey Bee and the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. My "real" home state, Virginia, where I was born and lived there many years, also lists the Tiger Swallowtail as its state insect.
I grabbed my camera and snapped several photos but with all the fluttering and quickly moving about, I was able to get one good snapshot of this beauty, and I must say, it is a pretty good shot. I also snapped a close up of one of the flowers. I am happy with my little Olympus FE340 8.0 5x camera.
(click photo for a better view)


Amber said...

Wow!!! So pretty!!! What a great picture, you should send it to the newspaper!!

Sue said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!
Yes, you should use this picture in some kind of photographic competition. The butterfly one is surely a WINNER.

Sassy Sue's Place said...

What a gorgeous picture. Nature at it's finest. Love butterflies & flowers. Want to know what kind those are. They are so pretty! Send them to Scientic Journal or Southern Living magazine. Very Professional photos.

Lisa @ Serah's said...

B-E-A-UTIFUL! Amazing photos!