Friday, August 8, 2008

Angel Magnet

I made this angel in a similar way that I did the little pin in the previous post. One difference is I used 2 circles of cloth, instead of one, the same size, about 3 1/2 inches.
I folded them both in half, but on one of them I brought both of the top ends together and pointed them down, like a shawl would fold over your arms. I used a wooden button for the head, a little curl of craft hair, tiny wooden heart for decoration, one popsicle stick cut in half for the legs, a bit of paint or magic markers, tiny beads for the top of her head, a flat button, a little larger than the head, glued to the back of her head to look like a halo, then a magnet glued to the back of the button.

Front view - photos ©2008jpCraftyThisandThat

Back View -Showing how the legs are cut and placed. You can glue them between the layers of cloth or on the back as you see these.

another one-you can see the way the cloth is folded in this one.


Sue said...

These are darling!
I love the one with the heart cheeks.
Thanks for sharing the instructions.
It's always a pleasure coming here.

Donna Lee said...

She is cute as can be she looks like us when we were in the Hugware thing.. Remember what Heather called us?

Mama Bee Simple said...

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Not only is this clever & original, but it's recycling too!

See it can be fun :) & thanks for sharing! Might make some for xmas :)

Great--Escape said...

woow, it's super cute i luv it :3

thanks 4 showing us how to make it ,now i'll make my own angel haha


MAYRI said...

hi, good morning

thanks for sharing them

they are very nice