Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christmas In July

Make a Christmas gift bag from a plain brown bag. You can decorate the bag anyway you want. Glue on, paint on, or tie on what ever you have on hand to give your bag a Christmas look. This is a quick and easy idea to use if you need to give a gift and don't have wrapping paper or purchased gift bags on hand.
Don't stop at Christmas gifts, you can also use this idea for other gift occasions.
You can buy a package of fifty of these little brown bags in the supermarket food wrap section for less than two dollars or at one of the Dollar Stores for one dollar. You can also re-use some of those little white "pharmacy" bags. Recycling paper is always good. Regardless of the occasion, you can make a bag for that little gift. Bear graphics are from pcCrafters


eunice said...

This is a good idean, nice paper bag, yet quite easy to create one right? Thanks for sharing!


Donna Lee said...

How clever and so country looking I could see this with Gingerbread Men. What a wonderful way to use up buttons. Excellent Joy you always amaze me

HDMac said...

This is so cute and simple! As it happens, I just bought a bag of bags at the Dollar Tree yesterday! :) Now I have more things to do with them! Thank you!

Janet, said...

This is a good idea. I love buttons on anything and everything. I have oodles of them.