Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Photos Published

On a "whim", I decided to enter my yellow lily photo to picture.com. I previously entered another photo to them and it too was picked to be published in one of their books.
I received my confirmation letter today that said my contest entry, "Golden Lily," has advanced to semi-finalist in the International Open Amateur Photography Contest. My photo will now be automatically entered into the final competition, where it will have a chance of winning a prize, but it will also be published in their forthcoming anthology series called Endless Journeys. Even if it never wins a prize it is still an honor to have my photo published in a book.
Here and here are links to my 2 photos to be published.


Angela said...

Gorgeous lily. Great photo! Congratulations.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Both very gorgeous pics!! I went and rated you a 10 on both!! Congrats on the book!
Smiles, Karen

Unknown said...

Very marvelous!!!Congratulations!!!