Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Belly Button Brush

These little cuties are about as easy as it gets. To make them, take an ordinary pipe cleaner, cut it into 3 or 4 pieces, depending on how big you want your little brush. Fold one section over like a horse shoe shape and bring the 2 ends together and insert into a long bead or two or three different beads for the handle. You may use a tiny dot of glue on the beads to hold them together and on the end of the brush to hold it in the bead.

A poem I wrote for the label:

A Belly Button Brush just for you
To make your button look brand new
When your belly button needs a clean
Just use this little brush to give it a sheen
We all know that lint likes to hide
In all belly buttons far and wide
Whether you're man or woman, boy or girl
Place it in your button and give it a whirl!


Pam said...

to funny

m i l k y + said...

that's so cute!

Kalandra Cooke-Goff, PhD | | (313) 522-0085 said...

Love it! I have never seen anything like this... You are so creative. Keep up the good work!

Diana said...

I have never seen them but they are cool and would be very useful.
very cute!!

Lizzie said...

Hilarious! I know a few family members who would love this. Thank you and Merry Christmas!