Monday, May 11, 2009

Trimming Down My Blog

I've finally decided to go back to the standard "Minima" blog template and use the 2 column again.
The 3 column templates are nice and I was able to load more gadgets and widgets on the sides but I think they "bog" down the blog. Sometimes I am a very impatient person and I do not like a long wait for a page to load, so I'm trying to speed up the page loading time. I'm sure that any reader will appreciate this.
Since I like to change the looks of my blog often, this will also make it a lot simpler for me to change the background by using the freebie backgrounds that are out there. Most of them are made to be used with this Minima template. There are so many to choose from! I do plan to learn how to make and install my own backgrounds one day when the mood hits me.
I have given up some widgets, and a couple of slide shows. One was my scrap pages, and I also removed my awards slide. I have made the decision that for now I will not be posting any awards, mainly because of problems passing them on. I do appreciate each award I received and feel deeply honored that even one award was passed on to me. In the future I may place them back on the blog, but for now they are filed away in a safe place.
Enjoy my blog and enjoy your day!


Sassy Sue's Place said...

Happy Monday! Understand thoroughly about awards and trimming down your blog. Awards take up time that most of us don't have and a "Thank you" is just as good, especially for all the freebies and pretty things you make. I skip blogs that take a long time and never look at the designs they have for sale. Simple is always best. Thank you for all you share with us.

Sue said...

I enjoy changing my blog backgrounds, actually I enjoy creating them with my graphic Sassy Sue said "Simple is always the best"... but after a while I think we all need a little bit of colour.
I liked the other layout you had ...but maybe we all get tired of the same things after a while... look at me I am always changing LOL!!!

Amber said...

I think it looks nice!! I have been to so many blogs that are just so busy that is hard to look at what you're reading.

And, I understand about the awards!! It's hard to find 15 people sometimes to pass an award along!

Janet, said...

I get my backgrounds from the cutest blog on the block also, they have lots of nice freebie backgrounds. I agree with you about the awards, they seem too much like chain letters to me with having to pass them on to so many people. I kind of quit doing them also.I think if you give someone an award you shouldn't obligate them to do something for it. I like your background, it's pretty.

Doreen said...

Hi! I too like a simple layout although I do like some additions to make it look pretty and interesting. I do like yours as it is now.
I must thank you for your kind comment on my blog, it was so very nice to see you posting and I hope you will visit again ~ thanks again!