Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Password -URL Keeper

It is difficult to keep up with all the websites, blogs, email servers, and other places I have to sign into with passwords so I made these little cards that will fit into a file box. If I don't use a file box, they are a good size to slide beneath a mouse pad to keep them handy and close by.
Since the most used file boxes are made for 3x5 inch or 4x6 cards, I made 2 sizes. Both sizes are png format so they are transparent. If I decide to I can add my choice of graphics. 110 lb cardstock works very well for these cards. Another idea is to print them on light colored cardstock. Either way, they should come in very handy.
I have stored these cards in my photobucket album so I can share them with anyone who would like a copy. If you do want a copy or copies, click on the links below and when the page opens up, you will see the preview. You then have to click on it again to go to the full size. When it goes to the full size, all you do is right click on the template and save a copy to your computer!
Be sure to save the template as a png or you will not be able to add a graphic behind the lines. Saving as a jpg is fine if you do not want to add graphics. They look very large because I set the resolution (pixels per inch) to be at 300%, but they will print out at 100%.

Click here to find the 3x5 inch password card.
Click here to find the 4x6 inch password card.

Here is a jpg sample of what they look like:


Donna Lee said...

I have mine in a spiral notebook this is much better.
Thanks for Sharing

C D said...

This is great!

Another idea is to buy the dollar store address books, alter them to be cute (of course!) and keep track of your fave websites/passwords that way...