Thursday, May 1, 2008


Recently I've been doing some "spring cleaning". As I'm taking all these things off my walls and shelves and tables, I'm thinking why do I keep these dust collectors? To be honest, over the years I've collected a lot of pretty things and then decided they are just not worth the time it takes to clean them or the space it takes to store them. I've either donated them or put them in a yard sale. I probably will be taking a few more things out to discard. But most of them will be dusted, washed or polished and put back on their display. Some have become my favorites for one reason or another and I just can't part with them. They may have no monetary value but they are just some things that fit into my personal tastes.
Here are a couple of wall plaques that I just adore. I've had these for a number of years, about 14, and have no idea how old they are. They were left on the wall in a home that we bought. The previous owner was an older man in his 80's and I guess he didn't want them.
I've tried to research these on Google but have not found any like these. I'm guessing they are chalk ware that has been glazed or sprayed with a protector. They do have a pretty shiny finish. They are 8 1/2 inches tall.
There are a couple of little nicks on the backs around the edge but other than that they are in very good condition. I love the color of these.
On the back they do have the artist stamp, are numbered, and have the little original wire hanger near the top.

Any comments or information anyone might have about these would be welcome.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

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